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PSA (Public Service Announcement) SugarHill Ddot. The contact details for SugarHill Ddot management can be found here at Booking Agent Info. PSA (Public Service Announcement) SugarHill Ddot. We see us a opp, we stoppin' the function.


Free Banga Free Rundown Free LC (Heart Of This Shit) LongLive KingEdot.


The SugarHill Gang is a famous American hip-hop trio for its.


Dec 20, 2022. Rappeur Anniversaire 8. . .

SugarHill Ddot was born on March 3, 2008, but he already spits bars like a seasoned veteran at just 14 years old. Qobuz Top 50. Seems like New York keeps giving us new fresh hip-hop artists, as Ice Spice was.

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Sugarhill Ddot.

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It’s A Lifestyle 🤞🏽🤞🏽‼️ ICFMC #LongLiveDotty 💔🕊 #everything4notti 💔🕊. SugarHill Ddot Profile.

Anniversaire 8 Mars, 2008.

Anecdotes, avant la célébrité, vie de famille, classement de popularité et bien plus. Nov 17, 2022 · Pinned Tweet.

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Anniversaire 8 Mars, 2008. SugarHill Ddot Profile. . DOAK came out on November 12, 2021, meaning.

Ddot is in a gang called OY which is also known as the Original Youngins. . . .

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ago. In addition to this, he is also close friends with the late Notti Osama and DD Osama, who are both popular drill rappers. .

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We see us a opp, we stoppin' the function.

. . Gang, gang (Damn Jefe) OY-O fuckin′ G, nigga Catch me an opp, i'ma And you know that we smokin′ on Lotti Ticklin' in my body Two shots, hit 'em, make him flip OY-OY? She ain′t boomin′ shit Scream, "RPT", you get put in the list In the cab, look back he got sent to the sky And he ain't comin′ back hop out, he fled JB got.

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SugarHill Ddot was born on March 3, 2008 (age 15) in United States.

Anniversaire 8 Mars, 2008. You may also like. . Nov 13, 2022 · og ddot 𓆩🖤𓆪 so heat.